Mrs. Ho, Jin-Man and, director of the DaHn Association, Jhang, Rong-Jhou gave a speech in Asia University

Ms. Ho, Jin-Man and DaHn association director Jhang, Rong-Jhou were invited to Asia University to give a speech on " Choice is more important than hard work - the growth story of DaHn ".

Department of Healthcare Administration, Asia University invited Ms. Ho and Director Jhang from DaHn association, to give a speech on " career Choice is more important than hard work - the story of DaHn " In the series of talks on "Long-Term Care and Healthcare Management Issues" on December 4th, 2018. Ms. Ho is an alumnus of Asia University. She earned her master degree from the Department of Healthcare Administration.  She told students that the reason for the launching a long-term care facility. She was hoping to work and taking care of her family at the same time. Ms. Ho also shared her experiences in caring for older adults. She mentioned that the older adults have their own habits. When caregivers know their habits and become familiar with them, they make the elders feel that it is as easy as at home. At DaHn, elders have access to a lot of courses. When taking care of the older adults, observation is very important. When you find that elders behave differently, there might be something is going on abnormally. Therefore, we have our nursing aides take care the same residents. The care philosophies at DaHn Association are patience, caring and dedication. The elders who come here are treated like family. Ms. Ho also mentioned the content of their courses. For example, there health education course teaching the basic knowledge of illness that are commonly seen among older adults. In the course, the symptoms of a stroke, and how to take care of themselves are explained to the residents. Thus, in case of a stroke, residents can be sent to the hospital in time. There are also exercise classes that are helpful in delaying disability, such as strength training and cognitive training.

Director Zhang pointed out that it is a life-long issue to choose a valuable and meaningful career job. There is no best choice, only choices that are suitable for you. How to choose the job that fits you? First, you have to know who you are. Director Zhang also explained the services provided at the Dahn Association. He pointed out that long-term care should be done with creative thinking. For example, the transportation vehicles at the Dahn Association are designed to let the wheelchair be pushed directly into the veicle. The elders would feel safe. Director Zhang also mentioned how to give the older adults a sense of worthiness and let them willing to do something important. For example, they can paid from their work. In Japan, they let the older adults be the toll collectors. The elders can know their value from the job.

Director Zhang said that the nursing aides are the most important role in the long-term care service. They need to be trained rigorously. They must be enthusiastic to their job. Managers have to lend their support to them. There will be more and more old people and disabled people in the future. How to take care of them is an issue that we need to think about it.

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