石尹华(Dr. Yin-Hwa Shih)
姓名 石尹华(Dr. Yin-Hwa Shih)
职称 副教授(大三健产组导师)
校内分机 20040
研究室 HB40
最高学历 国立阳明大学口腔生物研究所博士
专长领域 口腔预防医学、细胞分子生物学、护理学
重要经历 高雄医学大学口腔卫生学系助理教授
授课科目 微生物免疫学、卫生服务研究方法、医院社区健康促进与服务、老人健康风险评估与管理、医学伦理
请益时间 Office Hour
教师简介 石尹华老师毕业于阳明大学护理系,硕博士班主要研究口腔癌相关细胞分子生物学,106年-107年7月担任高雄医学大学口腔卫生学系专任教师,107年8月开始于亚洲大学健康产业管理学系担任专任教师。主要研究专长为口水生物标志、高龄健康促进以及健康科学研究。
年度 论文名称
2024 Yen-Wen Shen、 Wen-Chen Wang、Nan-Chin Lin、Valendriyani Ningrum、Tzong-Ming Shieh、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)*, The Association of Salivary Flow Rate and Sleep Quality among Head and Neck Cancer Survivors after Radiotherapy, BMC Oral Health, 2024
2023 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Chieh-Chieh Chen、Yueh-Hsiung Kuo、Lih-Jyh Fuh、Wan-Chen Lan、Tong-Hong Wang、Kuo-Chou Chiu、Thanh-Hien Vu Nguyen、Shih-Min Hsia、Tzong-Ming Shieh(Tzong-Ming Shieh)*, Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester and Caffeamide Derivatives Suppress Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.24 no.12 pp.9819-, 2023
2023 Thanh-Hien Vu Nguyen、Kuo-Chou Chiu、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Chung-Ji Liu、Tran Van Bao Quach、Shih-Min Hsia、Yi-Hung Chen、Tzong-Ming Shieh(Tzong-Ming Shieh)*, Protective Effect of Electroacupuncture on Chemotherapy-Induced Salivary Gland Hypofunction in a Mouse Model, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.24 no.14 pp.11654-, 2023
2023 Nan-Chin Lin、Thanh-Hien Vu Nguyen、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Yen-Wen Shen、Yi Hung Chen、Kuo-Chou Chiu、Shih-Min Hsia、Shieh Tzong-Ming(Shieh Tzong-Ming)*, Association of higher transient receptor potential melastatin 8 expression with higher tumor histologic grades, lymph node metastasis, risk factors, and worse survival in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, Journal of Dental Sciences, vol.19 no.1 pp.492-501, 2023
2023 Hsin Hu Chen、Thanh Hien Vu Nguyen、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Kai Chi Chang、Kuo Chou Chiu、Shih Min Hsia、Lih Jyh Fuh、Tzong Ming Shieh(Tzong Ming Shieh)*, Combining microfluidic chip and low-attachment culture devices to isolate oral cancer stem cells, Journal of Dental Sciences, 2023
2023 Kellyana Irawati、Ferika Indarwati、Fahni Haris、卢婧宜(Jing Yi Lu)、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)*, Religious Practices and Spiritual Well-Being of Schizophrenia: Muslim Perspective, Psychology Research and Behavior Management, 2023
2023 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Po-Han Chou、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)*, The effects of treatment via telemedicine interventions for patients with depression on depressive symptoms and quality of life: a systematic review and meta-analysis, ANNALS OF MEDICINE, 2023
2022 Nan-Chin Lin、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Kuo-Chou Chiu、Po-Jung Li、Yang,Hui-Wu、Wan-Chen Lan、Shih-Min Hsia、Shieh Tzong-Ming(Shieh Tzong-Ming)*, Association of rs9679162 Genetic Polymorphism and Aberrant Expression of Polypeptide N-Acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 14 (GALNT14) in Head and Neck Cancer, Cancers, 2022
2022 Kai-Chi Chang、Kuo-Chou Chiu、Wen-Cheng Chen、Wan-Chen Lan、Chi-Yuan Chen、Shih-Min Hsia、Tong-Hong Wang、Hsi-Feng Tu、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Shieh Tzong-Ming(Shieh Tzong-Ming)*, Effects of Temoporfin-Based Photodynamic Therapy on the In Vitro Antibacterial Activity and Biocompatibility of Gelatin-Hyaluronic Acid Cross-Linked Hydrogel Membranes, Pharmaceutics, 2022
2022 Tzong-Ming Shieh、Yu-Hsin Tseng、Shih-Min Hsia、Tong-Hong Wang、Wan-Chen Lan、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)*, Optimization Protocol of the PEG-Based Method for OSCC-Derived Exosome Isolation and Downstream Applications, Separations, 2022
2022 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Shih-Min Hsia、Kuo-Chou Chiu、Tong-Hong Wang、Chi-Ying Chien、Po-Jung Li、Yueh-Hsiung Kuo、Tzong-Ming Shieh(Tzong-Ming Shieh)*, In Vitro Antimicrobial Potential of CAPE and Caffeamide Derivatives against Oral Microbes, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, 2022
2022 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Cheng-Chia Yu、Kai-Chi Chang、Yu-Hsin Tseng、Po-Jung Li、Shih-Min Hsia、Kuo-Chou Chiu、Tzong-Ming Shieh(Tzong-Ming Shieh)*, Synergistic Effect of Combination of a Temoporfin-Based Photodynamic Therapy with Potassium Iodide or Antibacterial Agents on Oral Disease Pathogens In Vitro, Pharmaceuticals, 2022
2021 Yun-Ju Huang、Chih-Chao Chang、Yun-Ya Wang、Wenchang Chiang、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Tzong-Ming Shieh、Kai-Lee Wang、Mohamed Ali、Shih-Min Hsia(Shih-Min Hsia)*, Adlay Testa ( Coix lachryma-jobi L. var. Ma-yuen Stapf.) Ethanolic Extract and Its Active Components Exert Anti-Proliferative Effects on Endometrial Cancer Cells via Cell Cycle Arrest, MOLECULES, vol.31;26 no.7 pp.1966-, 2021
2021 Tzu-Yu Peng、Dan-Jae Lin、Yuichi Mine、Chi-Yang Tasi、Po-Jung Li、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Kuo-Chou Chiu、Tong-Hong Wang、Shih-Min Hsia、Tzong-Ming Shieh(Tzong-Ming Shieh)*, Biofilm Formation on the Surface of (Poly)Ether-Ether-Ketone and In Vitro Antimicrobial Efficacy of Photodynamic Therapy on Peri-Implant Mucositis, Polymers, vol.18;13 no.6 pp.940-, 2021
2021 Hsin-Yuan Chen、Yi-Fen Chiang、Jia-Syuan Huang、Tsui-Chin Huang、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Kai-Lee Wang、Mohamed Ali、Yong-Han Hong、Tzong-Ming Shieh、Shih-Min Hsia(Shih-Min Hsia)*, Isoliquiritigenin Reverses Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Through Modulation of the TGF-β/Smad Signaling Pathway in Endometrial Cancer, Cancers, vol.13 no.6 pp.1236-, 2021
2021 Valendriyani Ningrum、Abu Bakar、Tzong-Ming Shieh、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)*, The Oral Health Inequities Between Special Needs Children and Normal Children in Asia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Healthcare, vol.2;9 no.4 pp.410-, 2021
2021 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Zhen-Rong Hong、Shih-Min Hsia、杨尚育(Yang Shang Yu)、Tzong-Ming Shieh(Tzong-Ming Shieh)*, A high masticatory muscle tone predicts the risk of malnutrition and frailty in inpatient older adults: a cross-sectional study, GERONTOLOGY, vol.17 pp.1-7, 2021
2021 Pin-Hsuan Lin、Yuan-Ping Lin、 Kai-Li Chen、杨尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Po-Yu Wang, Effect of Aromatherapy on Autonomic Nervous System Regulation with Treadmill Exercise-induced Stress among Adolescents, PLoS One, 2021
2021 Tzu-Yu Peng、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Shih-Min Hsia、Tong-Hong Wang、Po-Jung Li、Dan-Jae Lin、Kuo-Ting Sun、Kuo-Chou Chiu、Tzong-Ming Shieh(Tzong-Ming Shieh)*, In vitro Assessment of the Cell Viability, Cytotoxicity, Cell Attachment, and Inflammatory Reaction of Human Oral Fibroblasts on Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Implant Abutment, Polymers, vol.3 no.17 pp.2995-, 2021
2021 Nan-Chin Lin、Shih-Min Hsia、Tong-Hong Wang、Po-Jung Li、Yu-Hsin Tseng、Kuo-Chou Chiu、Hsi-Feng Tu、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Tzong-Ming Shieh(Tzong-Ming Shieh)*, The relation between NEAT1 expression level and survival rate in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma, Journal of Dental Sciences, vol.17 no.1 pp.361-367, 2021
2021 Kuo-Ting Sun、Tzong-Ming Shieh、Shih-Min Hsia、Valendriyani Ningrum、Xin-Yi Lin、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)*, Easy to Read Health Education Material Improves Oral Health Literacy of Older Adults in Rural Community-Based Care Centers: A Quasi-Experimental Study, Healthcare, vol.9 no.11 pp.1465-, 2021
2021 Tzong-Ming Shieh、Chung-Ji Liu、Shih-Min Hsia、Valendriyani Ningrum、Chiu-Chu Liao、Wan-Chen Lan、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)*, Lack of salivary long noncoding RNA XIST expression is associated with increased risk of oral squamous cell carcinoma: a cross-sectional study, Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol.10 no.19 pp.4622-, 2021
2021 Shuo-Yu Wang、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Tzong-Ming Shieh、Yu-Hsin Tseng(Yu-Hsin Tseng)*, Proteasome Inhibitors Interrupt the Activation of Non-Canonical NF-κB Signaling Pathway and Induce Cell Apoptosis in Cytarabine-Resistant HL60 Cells, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.23 no.1 pp.361-, 2021
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2020 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Kuo-Chou Chiu、Tong-Hong Wang、Wan-Chen Lan、Bi-He Tsai、Li-Jia Wu、Shih-Min Hsia、Tzong-Ming Shieh, Effects of melatonin to arecoline-induced reactive oxygen species production and DNA damage in oral squamous cell carcinoma, JOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, vol.120 no.1 Pt 3 pp.668-678, 2020
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2019 Hsi-Feng Tu、Michael Yuanchien Chen、Joseph Chieh-Yui Lai、Yi-Ling Chen、Yih-Wen Wong、Cheng-Chieh Yang、Hsin-Yuan Chen、Shih-Min Hsia、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)*、Tzong-Ming Shieh, Arecoline-regulated ataxia telangiectasia mutated expression level in oral cancer progression, HEAD AND NECK-JOURNAL FOR THE SCIENCES AND SPECIALTIES OF THE HEAD AND NECK, vol.41 no.8 pp.2525-2537, 2019
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2019 Senthil Kumaran Satyanarayanan、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、Yeong-Ray Wen、Mahalakshmi Palani、Yi-Wen Lin、Huan xing Su、Piotr Ga?ecki、Kuan-Pin Su(Kuan-Pin Su)*, miR-200a-3p modulates gene expression in comorbid pain and depression: Molecular implication for central sensitization, BRAIN BEHAVIOR AND IMMUNITY, vol.82 pp.230-238, 2019
发表日期 论文名称
2023.08 谢宗明(Tzong-Ming Shieh)、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih), Salivary flow rate is associated with sleep quality in head and neck cancer patients after receiving radiotherapy , International conference on public health, Aug. 2023, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Swiss garden hotel
2023.08 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、谢宗明(Tzong-Ming Shieh), The Factors Associated With The Periodontal Disease Preventive Behavior Among Patients With Type II Diabetes Mellitus , International conference on public health, Aug. 2023, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Swiss garden hotel
2021.08 Kellyana Irawati、Dwi Cahya Ningrum、Yanuar Fahrizal、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih), Feelings and unmet needs of individuals with schizophrenia while performing spiritual activities (salat and dzikr) in a mental health hospital , 7th International Conference on Public Health 2021 (ICOPH 2021), Aug. 2021, Indonesia
2021.08 Kellyana Irawati、Ovi Hakima Rifandi、Shanti Wardaningsih、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih), The game, based therapy mitigates depression symptoms among outside region students - 7th International Conference on Public Health 2021 (ICOPH 2021), Aug. 2021, Indonesia
2021.05 许筑甄、王文岑、谢宗明、石尹华, 接受头颈癌放射线治疗之病患其口干程度对口腔健康状况及睡眠品质之影响 , 2021玉山医务暨健康管理学会学术研讨会, May. 2021, Taiwan
2021.05 林欣怡、谢宗明、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih), 易读版卫教文宣对提升社区高龄者口腔健康识能之成效 , 2021玉山医务暨健康管理学会学术研讨会, May. 2021, Taiwan
2021.05 王薏婷、谢宗明、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih), 中区照顾服务员之口腔健康识能对口腔照护知识、态度、行为之影响 , 2021玉山医务暨健康管理学会学术研讨会, May. 2021, Taiwan
2019.04 Valendriyani Ningrum、Lin-Lin Yeh、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih), Oral Health Survey of Institutionalized Intellectual Disability in West Sumatera, Indonesia , Asia association of disability and oral health, Apr. 2019, Taiwan
计画名称 参与人 计画期间
探讨口腔细胞外泌体蛋白DPP IV及口水免疫球蛋白在口腔癌前病变发炎反应中的角色作用及反应途径 (112-2314-B-468-002) 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih) 2023.08 ~ 2024.07
探讨口水外泌体在口腔粘膜下纤维化疾病中的角色功能 (109-2314-B-468 -006 -MY3) 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih)、谢宗明、沈嬿文、王文岑 2020.08 ~ 2023.07
X-link 基因在口腔癌致癌机转角色之探讨 (108-2314-B-468 -001 -) 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih) 2019.08 ~ 2020.07
在缺氧条件下天然化合物辅助光动力疗法于口腔癌和口腔微生物的应用 (108-2314-B-039 -009 -MY3 ) Tzong-Ming Shieh、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih) 2019.08 ~ 2022.07
分析口干症病人唾液胜?与功能,开发口干症之分子诊断、预防、促进口腔健康与咀嚼吞咽机能之方法 (107-2314-B-468-007) 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih) 2018.08 ~ 2019.07
嚼食槟榔诱发之内生性与外源性循环核酸异常表现对口腔癌之促进角色 (106-2314-B-039 -003 -MY2) Tzong-Ming Shieh、石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih) 2017.08 ~ 2019.07
借由唾液中之生物标识开发男性口腔癌的早期检测与预后评估方法 (106-2314-B-037-012) 石尹华(Yin-Hwa Shih) 2017.06 ~ 2018.05
课程类别 课程代码 课程名称 年度
大学日间部 TA300170A 医护与医务管理术语 112
大学日间部 TA300170B 医护与医务管理术语 112
大学日间部 TA300206B 学辅时间(三) 112
年度 名称 全部作者
110 易读版卫教文宣对提升社区高龄者口腔健康识能之成效 林欣怡
108 中区照顾服务员之口腔健康识能对口腔照护知识、态度、行为之影响 王薏婷
108 接受头颈癌放射线治疗之病患其口干程度对口腔健康状况及睡眠品质之影响 许筑甄
107 Improvement in Oral Health-Related Quality of Life of Adult Patients After Rehabilitation with Partial Dentures: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
107 心智障碍者健康检视表之信效度研究 沈毓牲
107 The Clinical Oral Health Status Studies of Individuals with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder in West Sumatra, Indonesia: Mixed-method Research
107 住院高龄长者之营养、握力与咀嚼力之相关性探讨
106 老年人口干症盛行率及口干症相关之生活品质-以台中市及南投县社区关怀据点为例