AU Enters the Best list of 2021 THE World University Rankings

  • 2020-11-10
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AU Enters the Best list of 2021 THE World University Rankings---

AU has great progress and outstanding performances in the fields of computer sciences, business and economics, clinical and health subjects, life sciences in Taiwan.

The UK Times Higher Education (THE) report has published the 2021 world university ranking, and Asia university (AU) not only has great progress but got outstanding performances, with even more rankings in top ten in the fields of computer sciences, business and economics, clinical and health subjects, life sciences in Taiwan. Among them the field of business and economics is ranked No. 289 in the world, No. 3 in Taiwan, No.1 of the private universities. The President of AU, Prof. Jing-Pha Tsai, said that the academics of AU has been recognized internationally and continue to progress forward.

The THE world university rankings in the field of computer science pick 750 universities, and 20 universities of Taiwan have entered the rankings. Only the National Taiwan University is ranked in the top 100 in the world as No. 62; AU makes a progress of 31 places, and is ranked No. 531 in the world, No.10 in Taiwan, No.1 of private universities.

AU has great performances in the field of clinical and health that is a progress of 19 places this year, and is ranked No. 422 in the world, No. 9 in Taiwan, and No. 5 of private universities. Finally, in the Life Science field AU has a progress of 33 places, and is ranked No. 581 in the world, No. 7 in Taiwan, and No. 4 of private universities.

In order to strengthen the research ability of computer science, the dean of Information and Electrical Engineering College, Prof. Ching-Hsien Hsu, said that AU had established an artificial intelligence college, a center for artificial intelligence and precision medicine research, a big data research center, a fintech blockchain center, a 3D printing center for cooperation with China Medical University (CMU), and connected with international universities in Europe and America, improving the quality of international academics and strengthen the learning and research environment for teachers and students. In addition, these centers cooperate with domestic and foreign companies such as TSMC, DELTA, Trend Micro Inc., Baxter, and NVIDIA, providing the students opportunities of understanding the needs of enterprises, and making academic research and industry to integrate seamlessly.

The dean of the Medical and Health Sciences College, Prof. Shin-Da Lee, said that the college had established Departments of Audiology and Speech Pathology, Optometry, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy in recent years for strengthening research cooperation with Asia University Hospital (AUH) and the CMU. These departments also connect with international prestigious schools and recruit outstanding teachers, greatly improving the teaching and research capabilities of AU in the clinical and health subjects and life science fields.

The dean of the Management College, Prof. Chun-Wei Lin, said that it is the first time and commendable that AU enters the world university rankings in the field of business and economics, and is ranked No.3 in Taiwan. The college has passed the assessment of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and became a top college in the world. It also has established a number of teaching communities, and held a Nobel Masters Forum, and HIWIN Outstanding President Lectures, which have been recognized to be teaching characteristics of the college these years. Furthermore, the college not only is ranked No. 16 in the world, No. 1 in Taiwan of the IDEAS world economic database in the finance and economics field, but No. 1 in the econometric field; and the growth rate of academic papers in the field of Innovation and Circular Economy is ranked No. 1 in Taiwan.