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Outstanding Features

Features of School
  • ◆ Entered the four most famous rankings of universities in the world in 2020.
  • ◆ Being listed in the top-5 best universities in Taiwan in school running as evaluated by the famous magazine Cheers for three consecutive years.
  • ◆ Ranked No. 969 in the world, No. 16 in all the universities in Taiwan, and the No. 5 best private university in Taiwan evaluated by the famous magazine US News & World Report.
  • ◆ Granted honor roll in “Projects of University Teaching Excellence” by Ministry of Education for 12 years consecutively starting from 2006.
  • ◆ United with China Medical University as “China-Asia Alliance University (CA2)” to form a stronger union so that both faculty students will be able to share resources.
  • ◆ Establishment of “Novel Laureate Forum” through inviting many Noble Prize Laureates to give out lectures. 
  • ◆ Up to2020, actively promoting internationalization, as there are more than 310 international sister universities all over the world and establishment of exchange programs with international schools to actively recruit international students.
Features of Department
  • ◆ Integrated academic structure, with establishment of each level of Undergraduate Program, Master Program and Doctoral Program.
  • ◆ Having domestic and foreign high-level healthcare professional staff with qualifications including critical knowledge of the theoretical bases and practical experience.
  • ◆ Organized professional curriculum conforming to the demand of the market, and strengthening the workplace competitiveness of the students.
  • ◆ Designing internship mechanism for different academic program, and assisting students to have better understandings on current employment situation.
  • ◆ Creating an excellent English learning environment, and enhancing students’ English proficiency.
  • ◆ Setting up professional facilities and relevant equipment to provide professional learning environment.
Features of Academic Program
  • ◆ Covering comprehensive courses on healthcare policies, management and services.
  • ◆ Providing integrated curriculum, and carrying out talent training in healthcare management field.
  • ◆ Empowering students to learn initiatively and lifelong learning capability.
  • ◆ Training students to develop care and respect on lives with spirit of devotion.
  • ◆ Enhancing research standard on healthcare, and promoting health consensus.
  • ◆ Broadening students with international perspective, organizing international curriculum and increasing employment opportunities for the students.
  • ◆ Integrated academic structure, with establishment of each levels of Undergraduate Program, Master Program and Doctoral Program.