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Purpose of Establishment


Department of Healthcare Administration was one of the earliest departments launched in 2001, when the Taichung College of Health and Management (former Asia University) was founded. The Department offers programs for undergraduate, master and doctoral level of studies. Our undergraduate program has two major tracks of curricula training professionals in the health-related industries and in the long-term care industries. The major milestones for our department since launching include:


1.      In 2004, our master-level program of long-term care was established, which was one of the earliest graduate institutes of long-term care in Taiwan.

2.      In 2005, the expansion of Taichung College of Health and Management into Asia University was approved by the Ministry of Education.

3.      In 2005, a master-level international program was established. All-English courses are being offered by our outstanding faculty members. Since then, this program has enrolled students from southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and other countries around the world.

4.      In 2007, the doctoral program in our department was launched. By this time, our department has comprehensive programs covering all level of studies ranging from undergraduates through doctoral students.