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International Foundation Program



這是一張圖片 Why the Department?
International students are welcome to apply for admission to the Department of Healthcare Administration, Asia University, to join our international student body in the Department and at school. In each semester, we have received dozens of application for admission from overseas, designating our Department as their first choice to pursue a degree. Our graduates, both graduate and undergraduate, are recognized by their employers as independent learners with problem-solving skills.

Our Department offers a wide range of programs, including Undergraduate, Master’s, Doctoral, and International Programs. You will be instructed and supervised by prominent and renowned professors who boast decades of professional experience. All of our faculty have Doctoral degrees from well recognized domestic or overseas universities; they have generated outstanding research outputs and numerous industry-university cooperation projects, contributing to the developments of knowledge and education of the profession.
The participation of our International students enrich our campus life and increase our academic reputation. Our International Program (EMI) was established in 2005, recruiting only Master students and then starting from 2008, we began to admit Doctoral students. Our international students mostly come from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, USA, Chile, Bolivia, etc. In 2012, our International Program was awarded by the Ministry of Education (Taiwan) and listed in the "Recommended Degree Programs Taught in English ".

About the Program (taught in Mandarin Chinese; 1+4 years)
Department of Healthcare Administration, International Foundation Program
The study period for this degree program is 1+4 years.
In the first year, students will have to participate in an intensive Chinese language training program for more than 720 hours, and need to reach CEFR B1 level at the end of the language program.
After completing the B1 level, students will be articulated to a 4-year Chinese-taught undergraduate program, during which time students should complete in total 128 credits of courses to meet the graduation requirement of the Department.
In the first year of this program, students will mostly take General Education Courses and also learn the basic knowledge of health management, which integrates theory and practice  from various disciplines, including public health, healthcare administration, and gerontology.
In the second year, students will begin their professional courses in long-term care. Courses such as Skills of Long-Term Care, Geriatric Assessment and Management, Design and Performance of Health Activities, and public health-related courses such as Environmental Health and Introduction to Health Insurance will be provided.
In the third year, students will learn advanced level of professional knowledge and management in long-term care. Management of Long-Term Care Institution, Quality of Long-Term Care, and Non-pharmaceutical Therapy, Epidemiology, Occupational Health, AI and Fundamentals of Database will be provided.
In the summer break before the start of fourth year, students will go to a long-term care institution for an eight-week internship, which will provide students with the opportunity to get in touch with professional practice of long-term care, thereby enabling students to apply what they have learned.
這是一張圖片 In the final year, students will be provided with professional training in Care Management and Care Plan, Dementia in Long-Term Care, etc., which aim to enhance students’ critical thinking, and engagement in long-term care related issues.

In conclusion, this International Foundation Program not only provides students with the theories of public health and skills of long-term care, but also includes basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge of long-term care management. The training and learning of these professional courses will help students successfully obtain their professional licenses and help them to develop their career planning.
For the detailed course information, please refer to the Curriculum Sheet.
這是一張圖片 For residential and campus life , a counselor will be  appointed to arrange individual or group interviews on a regular basis so as to render  support for our students. For extracurricular activities, the university has more than 300 student clubs for our students choose. The University Student Association and the Department Student Association hold a number of student activities every semester, including orientation, love message activities, sporting competitions, etc., which can enrich students' life on campus.
For financial aid, overseas students from Hong Kong and Macau or international students enrolling through this admission are qualified for Work-Study both on and off campus, with a maximum of 20 hours per week. In addition, students from economically disadvantaged family are given priority consideration for on-campus part-time job.

Asia University provides on-campus dormitories for international students, so there is no need to look for off-campus housing.
The study period is 1+4 years, and the first year Chinese language course fee is financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. After registering our 4-year undergraduate program, a 50% tuition scholarship is offered in the first year of the 4-year program.


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