2021-2nd Application to Cancel Course

  • 2022-04-15
  • 蔡名喩
Application opening date:
Graduation course: Apr 18 (Mon.) (10:00a.m.) ~May 6(Fri.) (6:00p.m.)
Non-graduation course: Apr 18 (Mon.) (10:00a.m.) ~May 27(Fri.) (6:00p.m.)

If you have further questions, Please contact registration and curriculum section
(extension 3122(College of Medical and Health Science);、3124(College of Medical and Health Science)
6279(College of Nursing);
3110(College of Humanities and Social Sciences) ;
3111(College of Creative Design);
3131(College of Management);
3120(College of Information and Electrical Engineering)
or Information Office (extension 3511).