Dr. Kuan-Han Lin
Name Dr. Kuan-Han Lin
Job title Assistant Professor
Extension 20113
Office Location IB13
Email okonkwolin@asia.edu.tw
Education Ph.D. in Graduate Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene, National Taiwan University
Specialty Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology; Occupational Health; Occupational Stress and Burnout; Biostatistics; Bioethics
Teaching Subjects Advanced Epidemiology; Meta-analysis; Occupational Health
Biography Dr. Kuan-Han Lin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Healthcare Administration at Asia University. She obtained her PhD degree from the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene at National Taiwan University in 2013. She has published various articles on the post-traumatic stress orders among injured workers and do-not-resuscitate in critical care patients in major international academic journals, including BMC Medical Ethics, Neurourology and Urodynamics, Scientific Reports, Occupational Medicine. Her main research interests lie in occupational and environmental epidemiology, occupational health, occupational stress and burnout, and bioethics.
Year Paper Title
2022 Jui-Teng Lin、Yi-Ze Lee、Jacques Lalevee、Chia-Hung Kao、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、Da-Chuan Cheng, Modeling the Enhanced Efficacy and Curing Depth of Photo-Thermal Dual Polymerization in Metal (Fe) Polymer Composites for 3D Printing, Polymers, 2022
2022 穆馬速(Massoud Moslehpour)、Anita Shalehah、Ferry Fadzlul Rahman、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)*, The Effect of Physician Communication on Inpatient Satisfaction, Healthcare, 2022
2021 Vita Widyasari、Ferry Fadzlul Rahman、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, The Effectiveness of Health Services Delivered by Community Health Workers on Outcomes Related to Non-Communicable Dis-eases among Elderly People in Rural Areas: A Systematic Review, Iranian Journal of Public Health, 2021
2021 Fahni Haris、Ben-Yi Liau、Yih-Kuen Jan、Veit Babak Hamun Akbari、Yanuar Primanda、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、龍希文(Chi-Wen Lung)*, A Review of the Plantar Pressure Distribution Effects from Insole Materials and at Different Walking Speeds, Applied Sciences-Basel, 2021
2020 Hon-Ke Sia、Shih-Te Tu、Pei-Yung Liao、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、Chew-Teng Kor、Ling-Ling Yeh, A convenient diagnostic tool for discriminating adult-onset glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody-positive autoimmune diabetes from type 2 diabetes: a retrospective study, PeerJ, vol.8 no.e8610, 2020
2020 林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、Chau-Chung Wu、Tzong-Shinn Chu、Tien-Shang Huang、Yen-Yuan Chen, Employer or Employee: Who is More Likely to Suffer from Burnout?, JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE, vol.62 no.4 pp.154-159, 2020
2020 Tuan Hai Nguyen、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、Ferry Fadzlul Rahman、歐仁和(Ou,Jenho-Peter)、黃永強(WONG WING KEUNG)*, STUDY OF DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, AND SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION AMONG UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS, Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences, 2020
2020 Ferry Fadzlul Rahman、Hamka、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)*, The Psychological Well-Being of Newly-Arrived Indonesia Student in Taiwan, Journal of International Students, 2020
2020 Ferry Fadzlul Rahman、Vita Widyasari、Muhammad Alwi Eka Pranata、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)*, Sleep Disorder and its Psychological Impact on Retired Elders: A Systematic Review, Revista Argentina de Clinica Psicologica, 2020
2019 林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、蘇乾嘉(Chien-Chia Su)、陳彥元(Yen-Yuan Chen)、朱柏青(Po-Ching Chu)*, The Effects of Lighting Problems on Eye Symptoms among Cleanroom Microscope Workers, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol.16 no.1 pp.101-101, 2019
2019 林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、Shu-Chien Huang、Chih-Hsien Wang、Chau-Chung Wu、Tzong-Shinn Chu、Yen-Yuan Chen(Yen-Yuan Chen)*, Physician workload associated with do-not-resuscitate decision-making in intensive care units: an observational study using Cox proportional hazards analysis., BMC Medical Ethics, vol.20 no.1 pp.15-, 2019
2019 Yu-Chun Chiu、Jyh-Chong Liang、Hong-Yuan Hsu、Tzong-Shinn Chu、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、Yen-Yuan Chen、Chin-Chung Tsai, To examine the associations between medical students’ conceptions of learning, strategies to learning, and learning outcome in a medical humanities course, BMC Medical Education, vol.19 no.1 pp.410-, 2019
2019 Yen-Yuan Chen、Melany Su、Shu-Chien Huang、Tzong-Shinn Chu、Ming-Tsan Lin、Yu-Chun Chiu、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han), Are physicians on the same page about do-not- resuscitate? To examine individual physicians’ influence on do-not-resuscitate decision-making: a retrospective and observational study, BMC Medical Ethics, 2019
2018 張心慧(Hsin-Hui Chang)、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、 陳彥元(Yen-Yuan Chen)、林佳靜(Chia-Chin Lin), Attitudes of Physicians, Nurses, Patients and the Public towards Euthanasia/ Physician-Assisted Suicide in Asia: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis, 新臺北護理期刊, vol.20 no.2 pp.37-50, 2018
2018 秦唯珊(Wei-Shan Chin)、郭育良(Yue Leon Guo)、廖士程(Shih-Cheng Liao)、林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、郭純雅(Chun-Ya Kuo)、陳志傑(Chih-Chieh Chen)、蕭淑銖(Judith S.C. Shiao)*, Suicidality 6 Years After Occupational Injury, JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY, vol.79 no.5, 2018
2018 林冠吟(Kuan-Yin Lin)、蕭家俊(Ka-Chun Siu)、林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)*, Impact of lower urinary tract symptoms on work productivity in female workers: a systematic review and meta-analysis, NEUROUROLOGY AND URODYNAMICS, vol.37 no.8 pp.2323-2334, 2018
2016 林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、陳益祥(Yih-Sharng Chen)、周迺寬(Nai-Kuan Chou)、黃勝堅(Sheng-Jean Huang)、吳造中(Chau-Chung Wu)、陳彥元(Yen-Yuan Chen)*, The associations between the religious background, social supports and do-not-resuscitate orders in Taiwan: an observational study, MEDICINE, vol.95 no.3 pp.e2571-, 2016
2016 陳彥元(Yen-Yuan Chen)、陳益祥(Yih-Sharng Chen)、朱宗信(Tzong-Shinn Chu)、林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、吳造中(Chau-Chung Wu)*, Further deliberating the relationship between do-not resuscitate and the increased risk of death, Scientific Reports, vol.6 pp.23182-, 2016
2016 林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、林冠吟( Kuan-Yin Lin)、蕭家俊(Ka-Chun Siu)*, Systematic review: The effect of psychiatric symptoms on return to work after occupational injury, OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE-OXFORD, 2016
2016 莊建淮(Chien-Huai Chuang)、曾培琪(Pei-Chi Tseng)、林君諭(Chun-Yu Lin)、林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)*、陳彥元(Yen-Yuan Chen), Burnout in the intensive care unit professionals: a systematic review, MEDICINE, vol.95 no.50 pp.e5629-e5629, 2016
2014 林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、蕭淑銖(Shu-Chu Shiao)、郭乃文(Nai-Wen Guo)、廖士程(Shih-Cheng Liao)、郭純雅(Chun-Ya Kuo)、胡佩怡(Pei-Yi Hu)、徐儆暉(Jin-Huei Hsu)、黃耀輝(Yaw-Huei Hwang)、郭育良(Yue Leon Guo)*, Long-term Psychological Outcome of Workers after Occupational Injury: Prevalence and Risk Factors, JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL REHABILITATION, vol.24 no.1 pp.1-10, 2014
2014 林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、朱柏青(Po-Ching Chu)、郭純雅(Chun-Ya Kuo)、黃耀輝(Yaw-Huei Hwang)、吳肖琪(Shiao-Chi Wu)、郭育良(Yue Leon Guo)*, Psychiatric disorders after occupational injury among National Health Insurance Enrollees in Taiwan, PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH, vol.219 no.3 pp.645-650, 2014
2013 林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、郭乃文(Nai-Wen Guo)、蕭淑銖(Shu-Chu Shiao)、廖士程(Shih-Cheng Liao)、胡佩怡(Pei-Yi Hu)、徐儆暉(Jin-Huei Hsu)、黃耀輝(Yaw-Huei Hwang)、郭育良(Yue Leon Guo)*, The Impact of Psychological Symptoms on Return to Work in Workers after Occupational Injury, JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL REHABILITATION, vol.23 no.1 pp.55-62, 2013
2013 秦唯珊(Wei-Shan Chin)、林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、郭育良(Yue Leon Guo)、蕭淑銖(Shu-Chu Shiao)*, Factors Influencing Return to Work among Workers at 12 Months after Occupational Injury, 台灣公共衛生雜誌/Taiwan Journal of Public Health, vol.32 no.6 pp.576-585, 2013
2012 林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、郭乃文(Nai-Wen Guo)、廖士程(Shih-Cheng Liao)、郭純雅(Chun-Ya Kuo)、胡佩怡(Pei-Yi Hu)、徐儆暉(Jin-Huei Hsu)、黃耀輝(Yaw-Huei Hwang)、郭育良(Yue Leon Guo)*, Psychological Outcome of Injured Workers at 3 months after Occupational Injury Requiring Hospitalization in Taiwan, JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, vol.54 pp.289-298, 2012
2012 郭純雅(Chun-Ya Kuo)、廖士程(Shi-Cheng Liao)、林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、吳政龍(Chen-Long Wu)、李明濱(Ming-Been Lee)、郭乃文(Nai-Wen Guo)、郭育良(Yue Leon Guo)*, Predictors for Suicidal Ideation after Occupational Injury, PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH, vol.198 no.3 pp.430-435, 2012
2011 林冠含(Kuan-Han Lin)、胡佩怡(Pei-Yi Hu)、郭乃文(Nai-Wen Guo)、廖士程(Shih-Cheng Liao)、郭純雅(Chun-Ya Kuo)、黃耀輝(Yaw-Huei Hwang)、郭育良(Yue Leon Guo)、徐儆暉(Jin-Huei Hsu)*, Post-traumatic Mental Disorder among Workers after Occupational Injury, 勞工安全衛生研究季刊, vol.19 pp.480-489, 2011
Date of Publication Paper Title
2021.11 張運佳、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han), 醫院執業藥事人員職業疲勞狀況探討 , 第三屆臺灣藥學聯合學術研討會, Nov. 2021, 線上
2021.10 張運佳、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han), An exploration of dispensing errors among the hospital pharmacists in Taiwan , 28th International Symposium on Epidemiology in Occupational Health, Oct. 2021, Virtual
2021.05 潘沁苓、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han), 產婦降低產後憂鬱的相關因素之探討-以產後護理之家產婦為例 , 2021醫療品質研討會, May. 2021, 台灣
2021.05 吳睿宏、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han), 醫療利用在COVID, 19疫情前中的改變-以台中某地區醫院為例 - 2021玉山研討會, May. 2021, 台灣
2020.02 廖秀芬、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、夏慧玲, 2019年度病人安全文化調查以某精神專科醫院為例 , 跨域創新、長期照護國際研討會, Feb. 2020, 台灣/台南/國立臺南護理專科學校
2019.09 古欣蘋、葉玲玲、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han), 台灣高齡者沐浴車服務成效探討 , 2019 年聯合會員大會暨學術研討會, Sep. 2019, 台灣/台北/台灣大學公共衛生學院
2019.08 Ferry Fadzlul Rahman、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、Ling-Ling Yeh, Sleep Quality and Mental Health in Elderly People in Indonesia. , The 3rd International Symposium on Humans Health and Aging Sciences., Aug. 2019, Semarang, Indonesia.
2019.06 Yen-Yuan Chen、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、Tzong-Shinn Chu、Tien-Shang Huang, Learning medical humanities: do medical students' conceptions of learning medicine and approaches to learning medicine matter? , International Association of Medical Sciences Educators (IAMSE) 23rd Annual Conference, Jun. 2019, Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.A.
2018.06 Yen-Yuan Chen、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、Tzong-Shinn Chu, Medical trainees’ approaches to learning medicine and their clinical performance , International Association of Medical Sciences Educators (IAMSE) 22nd Annual Conference, Jun. 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
2017.06 Yen-Yuan Chen、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、Tzong-Shinn Chu, Health care workers' burnout in intensive care , International Association of Medical Sciences Educators (IAMSE) 21st Annual Conference., Jun. 2017, Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A.
2017.06 林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han)、Kuan-Yin Lin、Ka-Chun Siu, The Impact of Psychiatric Symptoms on Return to Work after Occupational Injury. , 19th International Conference on Behavioral Medicine, Jun. 2017, Sweden, Stockholm
Project Title Participator Period
使用核醫影像做乳癌、攝護腺癌骨轉移之人工智慧輔助診斷與三年內生存預後之預判 (CMU110-ASIA-11) 程大川(Da-Chuan Cheng)、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han) 2021.08 ~ 2022.07
探討護理人員接受壓傷照護教育之成效探討 (110) 曹文昱(Wen-Yi Tsao)、葉麗月、洪弘昌、廖玟君、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han) 2021.01 ~ 2021.12
建構柬埔寨社區長者健康促進方案-以WHO永續經營目標(SDGs)為導向 林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han) 2019.08 ~ 2020.07
健康產業資訊專案管理人員就業學程 莊淑惠(CHUANG SHU-HUI)、林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han) 2019.07 ~ 2020.08
各國勞工職業引起精神疾病及相關政策之探討 (IOSH1080009) 林冠含(Lin, Kuan-Han) 2019.04 ~ 2019.10
Category Course Code Course Title Year
研究所博士班 TA100048B 流行病學特論 111
研究所博士班 TA100083A 專題研究B2 111
研究所博士班 TA100088A 專題研究C2 111
大學日間部 TA300002A 公共衛生概論 111
大學日間部 TA300028A 環境衛生學 111
大學日間部 TA300028B 環境衛生學 111
大學日間部 TA300028C 環境衛生學 111
大學日間部 TA300171A 健康管理實習 111
大學日間部 TA300204A 學輔時間(一) 111