Dr. Jium-Yi Wang
Name Dr. Jium-Yi Wang
Job title Professor & Chairperson
Extension 1861
Office Location I423
Email jjwang@asia.edu.tw
Education Ph.D. in Public Health, National Taiwan University
Specialty Biomedical statistics; Epidemiology; Health Promotion
Teaching Subjects Advanced Biostatistics; Thesis Seminar; Wrting Skills
Biography Dr. Jiun-Yi Wang is a Professor and currently the chairperson in the Department. He earned his Ph.D. from Institute of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, National Taiwan University in 2005. After that, he’s served as a full-time faculty member in Asia University. A part of Dr. Wang’s academic articles were published in international recognized journals, including Clinical Nutrition, Scientific Reports, Aging & Mental Health, Geriatrics & Gerontology International, Biometrics, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Biometrical Journal, and Annals of Human Genetics, in which he was a major contributor. In addition to research, Dr. Wang also engages in teaching, guidance, and social services. It has been well recognized especially when he received University-level Outstanding Teaching Award, University-level Outstanding Mentor Award, and a couple of appointments from hospitals and healthcare institutes for serving as a research advisor or senior statistical consultant.
Year Paper Title
2021 Sia HK(Sia HK)、Kor CT(Kor CT)、Tu ST(Tu ST)、Liao PY(Liao PY)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, Self-monitoring of blood glucose in association with glycemic control in newly diagnosed non-insulin-treated diabetes patients: a retrospective cohort study, Scientific Reports, vol.11 pp.1176-
2021 Gandaputra S、Waluyo I(Waluyo I)、Efendi F(Efendi F)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, Insomnia status of middle school students in Indonesia and its association with playing games before sleep: gender difference, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol.18 no.2 pp.691-
2021 Widyasari V(Widyasari V)、Rahman FF(Rahman FF)、KH Lin(KH Lin)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, The effectiveness of health services delivered by community health workers on outcomes related to non-communicable diseases among elderly people in rural areas: a systematic review, Iranian Journal of Public Health, vol.50 no.6 pp.1088-1096
2021 Yang, YH(Yang, YH)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, Changes to metabolic indices of patients who have type 2 diabetes and are included in the Diabetes Shared Care Program administered in a public health center in Taiwan. 衛生所第二型糖尿病患加入糖尿病共同照護計畫後代謝指標的變化分析, 台灣公共衛生雜誌/Taiwan Journal of Public Health, vol.40 no.3 pp.306-318
2021 Chang PY(Chang PY)*、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Wang JK(Wang JK)、Huang TL(Huang TL)、Hsu YR(Hsu YR), Comparison of treatment outcomes of selective laser trabeculoplasty for primary open-angle glaucoma and pseudophakic primary angle-closure glaucoma receiving maximal medical therapy, Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol.10 no.13 pp.2853-
2021 Chang CF(Chang CF)、葉又綠(Yu-lyu Yeh)、Chang HY(Chang HY)、Tsai SH(Tsai SH)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, Prevalence and Risk Factors of Sarcopenia among Older Adults Aged ?65 Years Admitted to Daycare Centers of Taiwan: Using AWGS 2019 Guidelines, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol.18 pp.8299-
2020 Liu P(Liu P)、Yeh LL(Yeh LL)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Lee ST(Lee ST), Relationship between levels of digital health literacy based on the Taiwan Digital Health Literacy Assessment and accurate assessment of online health information: cross-sectional questionnaire study, JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH, vol.22 no.12 pp.e19767-
2020 Chen SC(Chen SC)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Lin YL(Lin YL)、楊尚育(Yang Shang Yu)*, Association of Internet Addiction with Family Functionality, Depression, Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem among Early Adolescents, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol.17 pp.8820-
2020 Chang PY(Chang PY)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Wang JK(Wang JK)、Yeh SC(Yeh SC)、Chang SW(Chang SW), Asymmetry analysis of optical coherence tomography angiography macular perfusion density measurements in preperimetric and perimetric glaucoma, Scientific Reports, vol.10 pp.14781-
2020 Chen, LC(Chen, LC)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, Discussion of “Assessing the goodness-of-fit of logistic regression models in large samples: A modification of the Hosmer-Lemeshow test,” by Giovanni Nattino, Michael L. Pennell, and Stanley Lemeshow, BIOMETRICS
2019 Chang SL(Chang SL)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, Age differences in the longitudinal associations of leisure-time physical activity and depressive symptoms with cognitive decline in older Taiwanese, AGING & MENTAL HEALTH
2019 Hsu WC(Hsu WC)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Tsai AC(Tsai AC)*, Predictors of developing a new need for long-term care of older adults aged ?70?years: Results from a population-based cohort study in Taiwan, Geriatrics & Gerontology International, vol.19 no.7 pp.641-646
2019 Lin XI(Lin XI)、Hsu HC(Hsu HC)*、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Ou WC(Ou WC), Comparison of the Taiwanese Versions of the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination-III (ACE-III), Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE), and Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) for Screening Mild Cognitive Impairment Among Older Taiwanese People, International Journal of Gerontology, vol.13 no.2 pp.162-166
2019 Chang YT(Chang YT)、Wang CCN(Wang CCN)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Lee TE(Lee TE)、Cheng YY(Cheng YY)、Morris-Natsc(Morris-Natschke SL)、Lee KH(Lee KH)、Hung CC(Hung CC)*, Tenulin and isotenulin inhibit P-glycoprotein function and overcome multidrug resistance in cancer cells, PHYTOMEDICINE, vol.53 pp.252-262
2018 Chang YC(Chang YC)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Chang SW(Chang SW)、Chang PY(Chang PY)*, Changes in Ocular Hypotensive Drug Usage for Glaucoma Treatment After Cataract Surgery: A Nationwide Population-based Study in Taiwan., JOURNAL OF GLAUCOMA, vol.27 no.7 pp.600-605
2018 Wang RY(Wang RY)、Chen HJ(Chen HJ)、Huang CL(Huang CL)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Lee HY(Lee HY)、Lee TE(Lee TE)、Hung CC(Hung CC)*, Impacts of GRIN3A, GRM6 and TPH2 genetic polymorphisms on quality of life in methadone maintenance therapy population, PLoS One, vol.13 no.7 pp.e0201408-
2018 Chen JH(Chen JH)、Yang JL(Yang JL)、Chou CY(Chou CY)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Hung CC(Hung CC)*, Indirect comparison of efficacy and safety between immune checkpoint inhibitors and antiangiogenic therapy in advanced non–small-cell lung cancer, Scientific Reports, vol.8 pp.9686-
2017 Hsu, WC(Hsu, WC)、Tsai, AC(Tsai, AC)、Chen, YC(Chen, YC)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, Predicted factors for older Taiwanese to be healthy octogenarians: Results of an 18-year national cohort study, Geriatrics & Gerontology International, vol.17 no.12 pp.2579-2585
2017 Chou CY(Chou CY)、Chang YT(Chang YT)、Yang JL(Yang JL)、Lee TE(Lee TE)、Wang RY(Wang RY)、Hung CC(Hung CC)*, Effect of Long-term Incretin-Based Therapies on Ischemic Heart Diseases in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Network Meta-analysis., Scientific Reports, vol.7 no.1 pp.15795-
2017 SH Wang(SH Wang)、YP Lin(YP Lin)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Huang MF(Huang MF)、Lin HC(Lin HC)、Hsieh CE(Hsieh CE)、Hsu YL(Hsu YL)、Chen YL(Chen YL)*, Mental health status after living donor hepatectomy, MEDICINE, vol.96 no.19 pp.e6910-
2017 WC Hsu(WC Hsu)、LC Chen(LC Chen)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, Predicting emerging care-need with simple functional indicators: Findings from a national cohort study in Taiwan, Geriatrics & Gerontology International, vol.17 no.3 pp.375-381
2017 徐慧娟(Hui-Chuan Hsu)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、董和銳(Ho-Jui Tung)、莊淑惠(CHUANG SHU-HUI), Inequality in Internet use across areas and older adults in Taiwan, Journal of Healthcare Communications, vol.2 no.4 pp.55-
2016 SH Wang(SH Wang)、Ming YZ(Ming YZ)、Lin PY(Lin PY)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Lin HC(Lin HC)、Hsieh CE(Hsieh CE)、Hsu YL(Hsu YL)、Chen YL(Chen YL)*, Predictors of diarrhea after hepatectomy and its impact on gastrointestinal quality of life in living donors, PLoS One, vol.11 no.11 pp.e0166576-
2016 SC Ho(SC Ho)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、HP Kuo(HP Kuo)、CD Huang(CD Huang)、KY Lee(KY Lee)、HC Chuang(HC Chuang)、PH Feng(PH Feng)、TT Chen(TT Chen)、Hsu MF(Hsu MF)*, Mid-arm and calf circumferences are stronger mortality predictors than Body Mass Index for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, vol.11 no.1 pp.2075-2080
2016 陳美滿(Chen, MM)、蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai)*、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang), The effectiveness and barriers of implementing a worksite health promotion program to improve metabolic disorders in older workers in Taiwan, Global Health Promotion, vol.23 no.2 pp.6-14
2016 許維中(Hsu, WC)、蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, Calf circumference is more effective than body mass index in predicting emerging care-need of older adults e Results of a national cohort study, CLINICAL NUTRITION, vol.35 pp.735-740
2016 陳姿蓉(Chen TJ)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, 台灣中老年人閱讀與認知衰退之關聯性分析, 台灣公共衛生雜誌/Taiwan Journal of Public Health, vol.35 no.1 pp.94-104
2016 紀淑凰(Chi, SH)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai)*, Combined association of leisure-time physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption with depressive symptoms in older Taiwanese: Results of a national cohort study, Geriatrics & Gerontology International, vol.16 no.2 pp.244-251
2015 Wang, SH(Wang, SH)、Lin, YP(Lin, YP)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Lin, HC(Lin, HC)、Hsieh, CE(Hsieh, CE)、Chen, YL(Chen, YL), Predictors of Biliary Leakage After T-Tube Removal in Living Donor Liver Transplantation Recipients, TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS, vol.47 no.8 pp.2488-2492
2015 Ho SC(Ho SC)、Hsu MF(Hsu MF)、Kuo HP(Kuo HP)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Chen LF(Chen LF)、Lee KY(Lee KY)、Chuang HC(Chuang HC), The relationship between anthropometric indicators and walking distance in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, vol.10 pp.1857-1862
2015 王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Tai, JJ(Tai, JJ)*, Adaptive robust genetic association tests using case-parents triad families, BIOMETRICAL JOURNAL, vol.57 no.3 pp.453-467
2015 王子綺(Tzu-Chi Wang)、蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Lin YT(Lin YT)、Lin KL(Lin KL)、Chen JJ(Chen JJ)、Lin BY(Lin BY), Caregiver-Mediated Intervention Can Improve Physical Functional Recovery of Patients With Chronic Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Trial, NEUROREHABILITATION AND NEURAL REPAIR, vol.29 no.1 pp.3-12
2014 丘幸平(Chiu HP)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*、蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai), 身體質量指數及日常運動預防台灣中老年人步行能力衰退之組合效應, 台灣公共衛生雜誌/Taiwan Journal of Public Health, vol.33 no.3 pp.637-648
2014 許維中、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Chen YC、Ting LL、Chang SC、Wang PM、Chung NN, 鼻咽癌病人經治療後生活品質及副作用之變化, 放射治療與腫瘤壆, vol.21 no.3 pp.201-209
2014 蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai)、許維中(Hsu, WC)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang), The Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) predicts care need in older Taiwanese: results of a national cohort stud, BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, vol.111 no.11 pp.1977-1984
2014 Wang SH(Wang SH)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Lin PY(Lin PY)、Lin KH(Lin KH)、Ko CJ(Ko CJ)、Hsieh CN(Hsieh CN)、Lin HC(Lin HC)、Chen YL(Chen YL), Predisposing Risk Factors for Delirium in Living Donor Liver Transplantation Patients in Intensive Care Units, PLoS One, vol.9 no.5 pp.e96676-
2013 李麗琴(Lee, LC)、蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Hsu HC(Hsu HC)、Hurng BS(Hurng BS)、Tsai HJ(Tsai HJ), Need-based intervention is an effective strategy for improving the nutritional status of older people living in a nursing home--a randomized controlled trial, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING STUDIES, vol.50 no.12 pp.1580-1588
2013 王思涵(Wang SH)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, 台灣中老年人慢性期中風患者身心健康之退化狀況, 台灣公共衛生雜誌/Taiwan Journal of Public Health, vol.32 no.4 pp.383-392
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2013 王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai)*, The short-form Mini-Nutritional Assessment is as effective as the full-Mini Nutritional Assessment in predicting follow-up 4-year mortality in elderly Taiwanese, THE JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, HEALTH & AGING, vol.17 no.7 pp.594-598
2013 蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai)、李麗琴(Lee, LC)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang), Complementarity of the Mini-Nutritional Assessment and Activities of Daily Living for predicting follow-up mortality risk in elderly Taiwanese., BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, vol.109 no.4 pp.658-666
2013 蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Chang, SL(Chang, SL)、Li TY(Li TY), A Comparison of the full Mini Nutritional Assessment, short-form Mini Nutritional Assessment, and Subjective Global Assessment to predict the risk of protein-energy malnutrition in patients on peritoneal dialysis--a cross-sectional study, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING STUDIES, vol.50 no.1 pp.83-89
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2010 Hsiu-Chen Hu(Hsiu-Chen Huang)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*、Chia-Chu Cha(Chia-Chu Cha)、Ping-Fang Ch(Ping-Fang Ch)、Ming-Che Chi(Ming-Che Chiang)、Yu Yang(Yu Yang), NONCLINICAL FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH TREATMENT WITH PERITONEAL DIALYSIS IN ESRD PATIENTS IN TAIWAN, PERITONEAL DIALYSIS INTERNATIONAL, vol.30 no.6 pp.638-643
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2010 徐慧娟(Hui-Chuan Hsu)、張明正(Ming-Cheng Chang)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang), Evaluation of a community-based successful aging intervention program., EDUCATIONAL GERONTOLOGY, vol.36 no.7 pp.547-572
2010 蔡仲弘(Alan C. Tsai)、Yang SF(Yang SF)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang), Validation of population-specific Mini-Nutritional Assessment with its long-term mortality-predicting ability--results of a population-based longitudinal 4-year study in Taiwan., BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, vol.104 no.1 pp.93-99
2009 陳都文、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)*, 糖尿病共同照護網對偏遠地區中老年患者健康狀況之成效, 台灣公共衛生雜誌/Taiwan Journal of Public Health, vol.28 no.4 pp.334-343
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2008 王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Hou CD(Hou CD)、Tai JJ(Tai JJ), A robust linkage analysis method for using combined information of allele sharing and transmission disequilibrium from case-parent tetrad families., ANNALS OF HUMAN GENETICS, vol.72 no.1 pp.575-587
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2007 Chen JJH(Chen JJH)、王俊毅(Jiun-Yi Wang)、Chang YM(Chang YM)、Su SY(Su SY)、Chang CT(Chang CT)、Sun SS(Sun SS)、Kao CH(Kao CH)、Lee CC(Lee CC), Regional cerebral blood flow between primary and concomitant fibromyalgia patients: a possible way to differentiate concomitant fibromyalgia from the primary disease, SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF RHEUMATOLOGY, vol.36 no.0 pp.226-232
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Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 TA300187A 健康產業簡報與溝通 110
大學日間部 TA300171B 健康管理實習 110
大學日間部 TA300171A 健康管理實習 110
大學日間部 TA300149I 學輔時間(四) 110
研究所博士班 TA100133A 論文專題討論(三) 110
研究所博士班 TA100050A 生物統計學特論 110
碩士在職專班 TA410081A 論文專題討論(二) 110
碩士在職專班 TA410080A 論文專題討論(一) 110
研究所碩士班 TA210012A 健康照護機構實習 110
碩士在職專班 TA410081A 論文專題討論(二) 110
碩士在職專班 TA410080A 論文專題討論(一) 110
研究所博士班 TA100064A 論文專題討論(一) 110
研究所博士班 TA100050A 生物統計學特論 110
碩士在職專班 TA420001A 碩士論文 110
碩士在職專班 TA410088A 學術論文寫作 110
碩士在職專班 TA410001A 碩士論文 110
研究所碩士班 TA220089A 碩士論文 110
研究所碩士班 TA220088A 碩士論文 110
研究所碩士班 TA220001A 碩士論文 110
研究所碩士班 TA210151A 碩士論文 110
研究所碩士班 TA210150A 碩士論文 110
研究所碩士班 TA210001A 碩士論文 110
研究所博士班 TA100064B 論文專題討論(一) 110
研究所博士班 TA100050B 生物統計學特論 110
研究所博士班 TA100044A 博士論文 110
研究所博士班 TA100043A 博士論文 110
研究所博士班 TA100042A 博士論文 110
碩士在職專班 TA410088A 學術論文寫作 110
碩士在職專班 TA410088A 學術論文寫作 110
研究所博士班 TA100133A 論文專題討論(三) 110
大學日間部 TA300002A 公共衛生概論 110
研究所碩士班 TA210114A 論文專題討論(一) 110
研究所博士班 TA100230B 生物統計學特論 110
研究所博士班 TA100064A 論文專題討論(一) 110
大學日間部 TR300026A 公共衛生學 109
研究所博士班 TAD00002A 論文專題討論(二) 109
碩士在職專班 TA420001A 碩士論文 109
碩士在職專班 TA410001A 碩士論文 109
大學日間部 TA320147A 專題研究 109
大學日間部 TA300149I 學輔時間(四) 109
研究所碩士班 TA220089A 碩士論文 109
研究所碩士班 TA220088A 碩士論文 109
研究所碩士班 TA220001A 碩士論文 109
研究所碩士班 TA210161A 長期照顧與健康管理實務 109
研究所碩士班 TA210150A 碩士論文 109
研究所碩士班 TA210045B 流行病學 109
研究所碩士班 TA210001A 碩士論文 109
研究所博士班 TA100141A 專題研究 E1 109
研究所博士班 TA100127A 學術論文寫作特論 109
研究所博士班 TA100048B 流行病學特論 109
研究所博士班 TA100047B 健康行為特論 109
研究所博士班 TA100044A 博士論文 109
研究所博士班 TA100043A 博士論文 109
研究所博士班 TA100042A 博士論文 109
研究所博士班 TA100004A 生物統計學特論 109
研究所博士班 TA100004A 生物統計學特論 109