Chief Executive Officer Of Yungshin Social Welfare Foundation Ming-Ming Zhao, deliver a speech in Asia University

Department of Healthcare Administration, Asia University invited The Chief Executive of Yungshin Social Welfare Foundation Ming-Ming Zhao, to give a speech on "Management of long-term care Institutions," in the series of talks on "Long-Term Care and Healthcare Management Issues" on December 18th, 2018. First, Chief Executive Zhao, Ming-Ming stressed two mottos from the founder of Yungshin Company. First, medicines are made for humans. The quality of medicines must be maintained. Poor-quality medicines have to throw away and cannot be sold to treat patients. Second, Seniors living in a nursing home is our families too. The care services provided for our families have to be in good quality, so that residents can live with dignity and safety.

Chief Executive Ming-Ming Zhao also mentioned the services provided at Yungshin Social Welfare Foundation, including the Yungshin nursing home. The Yungshin nursing home has some special facilities, such as the sensory park, which can stimulate the sense of smell of the residents through the fragrance of flowers and plants; The skylight ceiling, which allow the residents to watch the stars and moons at night. Adjustable washbasins are installed in the buldings, which can be adjusted according to the height of residents. They also have religious room and reading room. The equipment will be regularly maintained. Mobile bathing car is also one of the services provided at Yungshin. Many bed-driven older adults have stayed in bed for a long time and they can only take bed bathe. With the service of the mobile bathing car, the elders' body can be cleaned and they will feel more comfortable. That will help residents maintain a closer relationship with their families and other residents. An elder sports competition has been held annually across the 30 nursing homes. In order to win the competition, they practice a lot. In the competition event, participants will also be awarded medals. This event is very meaningful to them.  

Chief Executive Officer, Ming-Ming Zhao, said that, at Yungshin, they embrace the self-supporting care philosophy. For the bed-driven residents, it used to be using constraints, diapers, indwelling feeding tubes, and relying on wheelchairs. These care practices have been changed into toilet training, oral care, standing and walking training, to improve the quality of life of the elders. In terms of diet, they replaced the puree meal with universal design food. The universal design food served at Yungshin is easier to keep it intact and the surface of the food is smooth. It can also keep the original taste and texture of the food. In terms of manpower management, employees at Yungshin nursing home have to rotate their shifts. It has some good effects. For example, the stuff can have experience in handling emergency accidents and know the habits of the residents at night. And the residents do not have to rush to finish the dinner. Yungshin nursing home requires on-the-job training for employees. During the fire drills, they must evacuate the residents quickly and night time drills are held regularly. Each employee should participate in the restraint, diaper and feeding care practices to understand the feelings when the residents being took care. Chief Executive officer Ming-Ming Zhao pointed out that it is necessary to consider the quality of care with the elders in mind, including friendly environment and respects. It is hoped that the elders can make their own decisions again, so that smiles will appear on their faces.

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