Director of Taiwan Adventist Hospital HUI-TING HUANG gave a speech in Asia University

Director of Taiwan Adventist Hospital HUI-TING HUANG was invited to Asia University to give a speech on " Taiwan Adventist Hospital 's endeavor for health promotion and quality service – a pioneering new way."

Department of Healthcare Administration, Asia University invited director HUANG of Taiwan Adventist Hospital, to give a speech on " Taiwan Adventist Hospital 's endeavor for health promotion and quality service – a pioneering new way," in the series of talks on "Long-Term Care and Healthcare Management Issues" on November 27th, 2018. First, director Huang introduced the development of the Taiwan Adventist Hospital, as well as its missions, values ​​and visions. The mission of Taiwan Adventist Hospital is to provide Holistic health care. It values ​​efficiency with a vision of becoming a model hospital in preventive medicine.

Direct Huang mentioned that they think preventive medicine is very important. The hospital provides healthy vegetarian food. Every year, they also send employees to foreign countries or remote mountain areas to do volunteering works. And they want to be an international hospital. The number of foreign patients in Taiwan Adventist Hospital is among the highest in Taiwan.

In terms of soft power, they participated in a number of accreditations, such as quality improvement, occupational safety and health, environment friendly, health promotion and community development. Direct Huang also introduced the NEWSTART program, which means Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Fresh Air, Rest, Trust. The program was introduced from a hospital’s life style improvement program in the United States. The aims of NEWSTART program are to help reverse chronic diseases, weight loss, re-boost immune system, healthy living, and so on. It has good results.

In terms of health promotion, direct Huang mentioned the origin of becoming a health promotion hospital. Taiwan is the first network of the international network of health promotion hospitals in Asia. The number of hospitals in the Taiwan network is 163. The components for health hospitals include: management, patient assessment, information and intervention, assurance, implementation, aging friendly, and energy conservation. They make efforts on the seven criteria for health hospitals. In terms of management, direct Huang mentioned operational efficiency and competition strategies. Operational efficiency means doing the same thing as competitors, but it is not a long-term solution. Since it is easy to copy the services, then every hospital will be the same and they will fall into vicious competition cycle. Competition in strategies means that you choose your own goals and compete with yourself. Others also choose their own goals. It is a process of seeking new positions. Finally, direct Huang said that the hospital does not need to be big. The key is to have its own characteristics and good service quality.


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