Alchemy Technology Inc. president Jhang,Shao-Cin gave a speech in Asia University

Alchemy Technology Inc. president Jhang, Shao-Cin was invited to give a speech on "Wonderful Brain - The application of brainwaves in mental health promotion" at Asia University, Taiwan on the thirteenth of November, 2018.  He introduced to a group of Asia University students various applications of brainwave technology (e.g. the electroencephalogram, EEG) in mental health promotion.

President Jhang also talked about the applications of brainwave technology in both the Long-Term Care and Healthcare Management areas. He mentioned that the Alchemy Technology Inc. is committed to the research to Improve the quality of life. His company has developed various brainwaves products can be used to education, health, fatigue monitoring, education training, emotional control, and so on. In the terms of care of the elderly, they have studied how to improve the cognitive, thinking and reaction capability of the elderly through brainwaves training. President Jhang explained that the principle of EEG Device is that when the brainwaves contact with the external environment, the Fourier area in out brain will transform brainwaves into the alpha waves, beta waves, theta waves and gamma waves in certain patterns with a fixed combination of proportions and everyone has their unique patterns of proportions of brainwaves. After testing and matching, four types of people, with yellow brain, green brain, blue brain, and orange brain can be identified. This system can detect a person’s personality and this information can be applied to personnel management, recruiting employees, and children education. For example, parents and their children can know each other's personality by using this system. And they can know each other more. Parents can also know how to educate their child after knowing their child personality. There is also a brain waves concentration training system to help children. It is an innovative way of education to improve students' ability to concentrate and personal emotional management in a scientific way. President Jhang pointed out that people's personality can be transformed. The purpose of using EEG device is to get feedback from test results. People change from tension to relaxation, pessimism into optimism. In the future, they will continue to do more research to expand the application of EEG device.


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