Kantar Health Taiwan General Manager Lin Huei Chun made a speech in Asia University

Kantar Health Taiwan General Manager Lin Huei Chun gave a speech on "Health Care Market Analysis". She explains the current situation of the health care market and let students know what the market analysis is. Asian University students learned a lot from the speech.

Department of Healthcare Administration of Asia University in Taiwan invited the general manager of Kantar Health Taiwan, Lin Huei Chun, to give a speech on "Health Care Market Analysis" in "Long-Term Care and Healthcare Management Issues" course on October 30th. General Manager Lin mentioned that pharmaceutical companies need to know a lot of information about the healthcare market before they launch new medicines and make important decisions, such as market positioning, knowing what kind of patients will most benefit from the new medicine, price testing, and how to dominates this segment of the market. Pharmaceutical companies can make decisions with the market analysis data. General Manager Lin said that we can know the effectiveness of medicines on patients in their daily life from real-world evidence, such as whether there are unmet patient needs, whether the effectiveness differ from patient to patient, whether the medicine can improve their quality of life, and so on. General Manager Lin further emphasized that nowadays more and more people pay attention to personalized treatment. In the past, most patients received information from their doctors. However, doctors can gather information by monitoring the progression of the disease directly, so that they can have a better control of the treatment. In terms of technology applications, General Manager Lin pointed out that technologies are being used to to collect information and monitor patients (e.g. patients wearing smart devices to monitor heartbeat, sleep quality, blood pressure). Finally, General Manager Lin told the students that the main purpose of health care analysis is to improve the patients’ quality of life and treatment.


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