AU Enters the Lists of Three THE Rankings of 100 Top Universities in Asia or in the World---

Asia University has been evaluated by the THE Ranking in UK to be one of the best 100 universities in Asia or the world in 3 different ways of university ranking.

In about half an year in 2013-2014, being 13 years old only, AU is evaluated by the world-recognized THE (Times Higher Education) Ranking in the UK to be a “triple top-100” university, indicating that AU, with its efforts and achievements in university development, has been recognized globally as a very prominent university in the world.

Specifically, as announced in December of 2013, AU was ranked the 53th in the 2013 THE Ranking of Universities of the nations of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and Emerging Economies in the world. Totally 21 universities in Taiwan were ranked in the top 100, with AU as the 10th in Taiwan. Secondly, in May 2014 AU was ranked by the THE Ranking to be the 99th in the 100 best universities under 50 years in the world. Only four universities from Taiwan enter the list, and AU is the only private university in the four. Thirdly, on June 19, 2014 AU was announced by the THE Ranking to be the 83th in the list of 100 best Asian universities. Totally 13 universities in Taiwan enter the list, with AU as the 2nd best private university in Taiwan.

With AU as the youngest university in Taiwan, these ranking results are really like a miracle. Even in the lists of the universities in the three rankings, AU again is the youngest of all. The Political Deputy Minister, Dr. De-Hua Chen, of the Ministry of Education, when visiting AU, also applauded these accomplishments of AU as an unprecedented record in Taiwan, which is especially praiseworthy with AU being a private university with limited financially support from the government. Chair Professor Chih-Liang Yaung in AU, who is the former Minister of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, also indicated that this is really a glory of AU and even Taiwan, achieved by the continuous efforts of the faculty, students, and the Board of Trustees of AU.

AU Founder Chang-Hai Tsai mentioned that he wished strongly to establish a distinguished world-renown university in Taiwan, called Taiwan’s Harvard, when he started to found the school 13 years ago. Now it seems that Tsai’s dream is on the way of coming true, but for this, “one-day celebration is enough; we must continue to move forward until the dream is reached,” he said.


AU ranked by THE to be the 83th best university in Asia.



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