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Full-time Faculties


Trong-Neng Wu Chair Professor   吳聰能  講座教授      
Education Ph.D. in Public Health, Kaohsiung Medical University
Specialty Public Health 
Teaching Subjects Thesis Seminar
Extension 1085
Office Location A507
Office Hour By appointment
Pei-Tseng Kung Professor   龔佩珍  教授
Education ScD. in Biostatistics, Tulane University, USA
Specialty Health Policy; Research Method; Biostatistics; Data Analysis
Teaching Subjects Advanced Biostatistics; Data Management and Statistics
Extension 1929
Office Location M607
Office Hour By appointment
Ling-Ling Yeh Professor   葉玲玲  教授
Education Ph.D. in Health Policy and Management, National Yang-Ming University
Specialty Health Policy; Mental Health and impairment; Long-term care; health and long-term care insurance
Teaching Subjects Insurance Dataset analysis; Health economic evaluation; Quality of Long-term care
Extension 1807
Office Location I610
Office Hour By appointment
Gue-Ying Day Professor   戴桂英  教授級專業技術人員
Education Ph.D. in Public Health, National Taiwan University
Specialty Health Policy; Health Insurance
Teaching Subjects Health Insurance; Health Care Delivery System
Extension 1818
Office Location I619
Office Hour By appointment
Jiun-Yi Wang Professor   王俊毅  教授 
Education Ph.D. in  Public Health, National Taiwan University
Specialty Health Promotion
Teaching Subjects Advanced Biostatistics; Epidemiology; Health Statistics
Extension 1861
Office Location I423
Office Hour By appointment
Ho-Jui Tung Associate Professor   董和銳  副教授 
Education PhD. in Health Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Specialty Health Behavior and social gerontology
Teaching Subjects Sociology; Medical Sociology; Gerontology; health Promotion and Health Education
Extension 1774
Office Location H517
Office Hour By appointment
Shang-Wei Hsu Associate Professor   徐尚為  副教授
Education Sc.D. School in Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Specialty Health and related issues of people with intellectual disabilities; Environmental health; Occupational health; pharmacology
Teaching Subjects Infectious Disease; Hospital Planning and Design; Environmental Health; Pathology
Extension 6312
Office Location H40A
Office Hour By appointment
Yu-Chia Chang Associate Professor   張育嘉 教授
Education Ph.D. , National Taiwan University
Specialty Health Policy; Health Care Administration; Health Promotion
Teaching Subjects Health Care System; Health Care Administration; Terminology of Health and Healthcare Management; Practice in Health Care Organization; Introduction to infectious disease
Extension 1805
Office Location I612
Office Hour By appointment
Hung-En Liao Associate Professor   廖宏恩  教授
Education Ph.D. in Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
Specialty Health Policy Analysis; Healthcare and Long-term Care Institution Management; Behavior Science and Health Promotion; Human Resources Management; Health Services Research
Teaching Subjects Advanced Healthcare Management; Theories of Organization and Management; Human Resources Management; Organizational Behavior; Special Study in Health Promotion; Healthy Cities and Age-Friendly Cities
Extension 1750
Office Location H218
Office Hour By appointment
Shu-Hui Chuang Assistant Professor   莊淑惠  助理教授
Education Ph.D. in Public Health, National Yang-Ming University
Specialty Theory and Practice of Health Care Management; Health Care Quality Management; Health Promotion and Physical Fitness; Community Health Nursing and Administration
Teaching Subjects Health Care Quality Management; Project Management and Planning; Introduction to Public Health; Health Law and Regulation
Extension 1827
Office Location H621
Office Hour By appointment
Shiu-Min Cheng Assistant Professor   鄭秀敏  助理教授

Ph.D. in Physiology, National Yang-Ming University

Specialty Physiology; Neuroscience; Neuroendocrine
Teaching Subjects Health & Life
Extension 20063/3252
Office Location HB63
Office Hour By appointment
Yin-Hwa Shih Assistant Professor   石尹華  助理教授

Ph.D. in Oral Biology, National Yang-Ming University

Specialty Oral health and preventive dentistry; Molecular cell biology; Nursing
Teaching Subjects Microbiology and Immunology; Long-Term Care Work; Community –based Health Promotion and Hospital Services
Extension 20040
Office Location HB40
Office Hour By appointment
Kuan-Han Lin Assistant Professor   林冠含  助理教授

Ph.D. in Graduate Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene, National Taiwan University

Specialty Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology; Occupational Health; Occupational Stress and Burnout; Biostatistics; Bioethics
Teaching Subjects Epidemiology; Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Extension 20113
Office Location IB13
Office Hour By appointment
Yin Lee Instructor   李茵      講師

M.S. , Physical Therapy, National Yang-Ming University

Specialty Remedial Massage Therapist, Heavenly Zen Clinic
Teaching Subjects Health & Life
Office Hour By appointment
Horng-Jeng Shyu Associate Professor   徐弘正  副教授級專業技術人員
Education Ph.D. , Asia University; M.D. , Johns Hopkins University
Specialty Healthcare management; Long-term care
Teaching Subjects Long-Term Care Institution Management; Healthcare Organization Management
Meng-Shou Shen Assistant Professor   沈錳碩  助理教授級專業技術人員
Education M.D. , National Taiwan University
Specialty Diabetes; Hospice Care; Geriatrics; Long-term care; Preventive Health Care
Teaching Subjects Introduction to Public Health
Huey-Fen Kao Instructor   高惠芬  講師
Education M.D. , China Medical University
Specialty Health PromotionHuman Resources Management; Theories of Organization and Management; Women Healthcare Practice
Teaching Subjects Human Resources Management